Bigg Boss 14 Starting Date, Theme and Format

Bigg Boss 14 Starting Date/Launch Date

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and likable reality show in India. The event of the previous  year is hosted by Salman khan and the biggest news is that Bigg Boss 14 is also hosted by Salman khan.

Moreover, if we talk about the big boss 14 starting date and format then their premium was already announced in 29 September 2019. According to the previous year’s announcement of Bigg boss 14, the grand finale was held on 15 February 2020.

Bigg Boss 14 Starting

But the saddest news is that due to corona virus outbreak the Bigg boss 14 is delayed or postponed. Now the audition starts in the month if may while the starting dates are in September and October. Moreover, the other biggest news is that big boss season 14 is consists of seven months.


According to recent news Bigg Boss 14 Start Dat is October 2020. The delay in the date of Bigg boss 14 due to the corona virus. In case if the situation is handled and a vaccine against corona is invented then it may be shown is on air earlier. Instead of Bigg boss, 13 in season 14 celebrities and common people are also taking part in the show. This is surprising news for celebrities.

Theme and format of Bigg boss 14

In the big boss season 14, Bigg boss house is turned into jungle theme. Moreover, 14 contestants are involved in Bigg boss season 14 and playing for seven months. The news about the big boss theme of season 14 information is available on Instagram. While all other information is available on the official website. Moreover in the house contestant share the bedrooms, toilets, and kitchen.

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